A Little About Me

ImageI’ve been told by many, including my doctor, that I’m a deep feeler.  A highly sensitive person. Compassionate.  Empathetic.  I have to wonder if that stems not just from the way I believe God made me but also from the young age at which I realized that our world can be a very sad and broken place.

My friend, Lauren, has said,”You know, I have a lot of feelings.”  I definitely do.  I will most likely express them here, trying not to ramble.

I love people.  My friends are my most treasured people.  I may share some funny stories here, with their permission of course. 🙂

I love Jesus.  I try to live my life as He did.  I fail at it daily, but hey, He never said I have to be perfect.  He said to love God and my neighbor.  I will probably talk about this too as I’m part of a young church plant here in Denver.

I am a new yogi.  In February I start a 10 week yoga teacher training course.  I’m sure this will be a great opportunity for growth that will end up spilling onto these “pages.”

Music and books…because they are awesome and I so enjoy them.

I love cooking…but not so much following recipes.  Like rules, I see them mainly as guidelines.  Hehe, I’m kind of kidding about the rule comment.

I am a wife.  For the second time.  The first one didn’t go so well but I learned a great deal from it.  More on that later.  My husband is an amazing gift and I love him deeply.

I have a heart to serve others and care for the ones that have been ignored, abandoned or trafficked.  Especially children.  Romania is the destination. A couple of years away.

Travelling the world is a dream that is being slowly realized.  I really would go anywhere.

A little bit about me and my world…I hope you enjoy what you read.  We also have a hilarious 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier that may make an appearance here and there.